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Just wondering if anyone still uses this...thinking I want a place to write and reflect again. Some place less trafficked than Facebook. Question is: its anyone around to listen?

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Okay, so I have fallen away from using this and am slowly crawling out of my hole. Looking at my flist i see that there are a bunch of people on here I don't really know  all that well. Next week  I'll be doing a bit of a culling. Nothing personal, things are just a bit excessive around here :) Comment here if you want to hang around or be added back :)
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Please take a moment to read this post if  you have room in your life for a feathered Prince Charming...
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Well, initially I didn't post anything because it was a surprise for family, but now that everyone knows (and we're on the cusp of getting on a plane) I guess I can spill the beans :) 

Mother's Day is my Grandfather's (Opa) 80th Birthday and almost the entire family is going to be there for it! "There" is upstate New York. The grandkids haven't all been together since I was Brennan's age and I've not even MET 2 of my youngest cousins. I'm so excited I can't even begin to describe it. I honestly didn't expect to ever get to see my Grandparents again, not since they are  unable to travel any longer, and to be able to take Brennan, Caelan and Scott to the East Coast and meet that side of the family. ::sigh::

Anyhow, I'm kindof twitchy about all of us flying and the logistics of 45mins between connecting flights, etc. Should be an adventure, no doubt. Ended up being far cheaper to ship our luggage via Fedex than it will be to check bags with us O.o Nuts. My sudden enthusiasm in learning to sew kindof stemmed out of this anxiety. I am kindof dreading nursing on the plane, so want to be able to have easy discreet access for nursing, but want to be comfy and cute too. This doesn't really exist in nursing wear locally (and I really HATE buying clothing online.) So, here we go, learning to sew (and alter) on knit....yay me, I  always choose the hard way to learn  new things, lol. Thanks to a couple of really great friends tho, it's working out quite well :)

Daddy managed to secure almost an entire Bed and Breakfast for our immediate family, which is going to be a lot of fun. 

So yeah, that's it. We're going to New York, leaving on Friday and returning on Monday.

Oh, and the bebeh decided to come down with a cold yesterday...so, fingers crossed that clears up in time and we don't catch it too :( Brennan just finished a z-pack for bronchitis. Wish us luck!
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Prepare for the cuteness :)
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Just a few more sets :) 
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This set is particularly special to me. The elephant pillow he’s posing with was made for me by my Great-Grandmother, Hunny. The little square patch was added by Brennan’s Grandmother, Gee. Now, it is Caelan’s to snuggle and love, which he does intently, as you can see <3
The super cute and comfy jammies were brought back from England by his Aunt Judie and Uncle Chris. They are my favorites.

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I apologize for those who have seen this already, I seem to be having some technical issues on this end.

Pass this along! 

For those who would like a synopsis:

Find it here )
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My favorite diapers are running a fun promotion, so here’s my blog about how wonderful I think they are:

With 10 years between Caelan and Brennan, I discovered patience to do certain things very different this time around. The biggest change to me is cloth diapering.  I knew I wanted to try cloth diapering, but, for many reasons, I was very intimidated by it. Then, when Caelan turned out to be allergic to disposables, we got serious about searching for a system that worked for us. With help from some cloth diapering friends, I knew we wanted to go with an all-in-one or pocket diaper. Scott actually sent me the link to check out smartipants and we ordered them right away. Then, with the brilliant idea from one of those friends, Scott installed a sink sprayer in the toilet line to spray off dirties and we were good to go.

I could not have been more surprised and/or pleased with our experience. It took a little bit of practice to fine tune sizing etc, but once we figured it out, we conquered all leaking problems. If fitted properly, none of the inside material will contact clothing, etc and it all but eliminates wicking and leaking issues. It’s all about finding the right snap setting for your little one’s body shape, which isn’t hard at all. I recommend these diapers DAILY it seems :) I’m forever showing them off, people often suggest the company should pay me for my endorsement because I promote them so actively, lol.

Any who…As a special bonus for you guys listening to me gush about diapers, I just took some pictures of Caelan in his Smartipants for your enjoyment <3 (Click on the picture below to see them all)

Here’s more about the promotion itself:

Okay Smarti-Moms! You asked for it, and you got it!


1. becoming a facebook fan or if you are already a facebook fan is one entry
2. following us on twitter at http://twitter.com/thesmartipants is another entry
3. blogging about this giveaway and then leaving a link to your blog on our fan page here is one entry
4. blogging about this giveaway and then leaving a link to your blog on our twitter page is another entry
5. Re-tweeting about this giveaway is a 3rd entry

We will choose a winner from OUR FACEBOOK FAN BASE based on the above criteria when we reach 900 fans or more! Let’s get there and GIVEAWAY SOME SMARTIPANTS!

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Oven is filled to capacity with sweet potatoes, apples and acorn squash and let me tell you: YUM! My house smells amazing! I love www.wholesomebabyfood.com
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 Just a few more Days to Support Scott in the March for Babies! Every penny counts!
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